Beeswax and Foundation

NOW HAVE PLENTY OF WAX IN FULL DEPTH TO PURCHASE OR TO TRADE All Our Wax Foundation is 100% Australian Beeswax and Milled here at Beekeeping Supplies Australia at Carole Park into Wax Foundation. We are always looking to Purchase Pure Beeswax from Hobbyists or Commercial Beekeepers Please feel free to enquire about selling your Beeswax to us or getting your Beeswax Milled by Beekeeping Supplies Australia. Our Foundation Sheets are between 68-73 grams per sheet and approx 14.5 Sheets to the Kg No Wax to trade NO PROBLEM just pay $2.70 per sheet or if you have wax to trade just pay for milling of Foundation at $0.61 per sheet NO LIMITS APPLY AS WE CAN SUPPLY WHAT YOU REQUIRE

Solar Wax Melter


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No 4 Nally Wax Plastic Mould


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