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Timber Double Hive Set Assembled

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    A double hive set is the start of producing honey with your bees. 1 brood bottom box and 1 honey super on top.
    It is important to realise that you should not run your hive in a double all during spring. If you aren’t on top of them taking honey off very frequently they will run out of room and most likely swarm. This means for you, you will need another honey box for when they have mass honey being produced. We call this a triple hive
    We run hives in the triple hives as the bottom box is there for your queen and her to lay eggs in and make the hive stronger. The 2 honey supers provide plenty of room when mass of honey is being produced, keeping them busy.
    If you are just starting out, this kit will provide a good head start for when the bees expand and start producing honey.

  • Directions for use

    For best life out of timber, paint on inside and out with 2 coats.
    Put frames in and an excluder on, and your bees are ready to be put in.

  • Inclusions

    This set contains:
    1 x lid
    1 x base
    2 x Timber honey super

  • Other Information

    Made from New Zealand Radiata Pine. Comes with D handle but lifting cleats are available.

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