8/10 Frame Ideal Assembled Plain Honey Super with Lifting Cleats


RRP: $35.00 AUD
Assembled 8/10 Frame Ideal Honey Super Plain with lifting Cleats is ready to Paint. Our Ideal Honey Super with Lifting Cleats are easier to lift and move around as the lifting cleats give you a better grip of the honey super as they become very heavy when full of honey and also makes it easier if using a hive loader as the tines fit under the lifting cleats, Using a Ideal Honey Super instead of a Full Depth Honey Super nearly half's the weight making it easier to handle. We make the Honey Super here at Carole Park from quality NZ Radiata Pine. All of the Timber used in the manufacture of our quality pine hive ware is kiln dried as to limit shrinkage, we have assembled the super with climacoat screws which are designed for the use in outdoor conditions and give a much tighter better joint than nails or staples.