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Nuc Hives & Queens

Nucleus hives (nuc hives) are what you need to start a bee hive. Spring is the optimal time to buy a nuc and as such we only supply them around this period. Our nucs contain four or five frames of brood and a brand new mated queen. They are easier to handle, especially compared to starting with an established hive. Nuc hives are also a good starting point for beginners as you can learn while the hive grows. This is because it expands rapidly into a full established hive. Our packages contain everything you'll need for your expanding hive. We will also be supplying queens this year. It is vital to re-queen your hive every year to keeping the hive from swarming. In 2022 we are looking to expand and provide more queens for our customers. We will be taking bulk orders and have a set amount for sale weekly. In order to get ahead of this and avoid the queues place an order for a 2022 queen in June 2022 Nucs will be available to order in Spring 2022.

5 Frame Nuc Bee Hive


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Nuplas Double Hive Pack with Bees


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Nuplas Triple Hive Pack with Bees


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5 Frame Corrugated Plastic Nuc Box


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5 Frame Nuc Box


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