2.5L Jacketed Wax Melting Pot


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  • Product Information

    This product is used to process wax cappings on a small scale.
    Perfect for hobbyists looking to render and process their wax.
    Holds approximately 2.5L of wax.

  • Directions for use

    Place on the stove with wax filled about half way.
    Take the whistle off the side of the pot.
    Then place about 500ml of water into the jacketed pot.m Put the whistle back on.
    Turn the stove onto high and let the wax start to melt.
    When the pot is starting to whistle, you will need to turn the heat down.
    Keep doing this until evetually you turn the stove off, and the wax is fully melted.
    Run wax through a sieve to filter and make the wax clean.
    You will need to put your wax into a container(s).
    We recommend using yogurt containers, ice cream containers, chinese food containers etc.
    (Don’t use something that is not expendable e.g. tupperware containers. It will possibly destroy and wreck them)
    This process will turn the cappings into a wax block.

    Repeat the process again if the wax is still dirty.

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