5 Frame Nuc Flat Pack Only


RRP: $59.90 AUD
Unassembled 5 Frame Nuc Hive Plain Kits are ready to assemble & paint. Our 5 Frame Nuc Hives Kits have Lifting Cleats included, We make the Complete Kit here at Carole Park from quality NZ Radiata Pine. All of the Timber used in the manufacture of our quality pine hive ware is kiln dried as to limit shrinkage, we do however recommend to pre drill in the assemble process to limit splitting when using screws or Nails. Our 5 Frame Nuc Flat pack comes with 1 x 5 frame super, 1 x 5 Frame Lifting Cleats, 1 x 5 Frame lid kit, 1x 160mm Entrance Closure, 1 x Spring Clip Pack, 1 x 5 Frame Riser Set, 1 x 5 Frame Bottom Cleats, 1 x 5 Frame Bottom Board.