5 Frame Nuc Box


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    Our five frame nuc box comes in a complete kit, ready to assemble and paint. Our products are made out of quality NZ Radiata Pine.

  • Directions for use

    This product comes in a flat pack only and now comes with hand grips. We recommend pre-drilling when assembling using your screws and nails. As this will limit splitting the wood during this process.
    After assembling the box, you are now able to put bees into it.
    This box is intended for start up colonies only. Once bees have expanded to the point of overflowing out of the box when opened, you need to put them into a bigger box. (8 or 10 frame)
    Do not keep them in the 5 frame nuc box for longer than intended, as they will most likely swarm.

  • Inclusions

    1 x 5 frame super
    1 x 5 Frame lid complete
    1 x 5 Frame Riser Set
    1 x 5 Frame Bottom Cleats
    1 x 5 Frame Bottom Board

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