5 Frame Nuc Box


RRP: $56.00 AUD

Our 5 Frame Nucleus Flat pack comes with the following:

1 x 5 frame super

1 x 5 Frame lid kit

1x 160mm Entrance Closure

1 x Spring Clip Pack

1 x 5 Frame Riser Set

1 x 5 Frame Bottom Cleats

1 x 5 Frame Bottom Board

Our five frame nuc box come in a complete kit, ready to assemble and paint. This product comes in a flat pack only and now comes with hand grips. As a result of no longer needing lifting cleats. The complete kit is made here at Carole Park. Our products are made out of quality NZ Radiata Pine. As well as all of our timber is kiln dried to reduce shrinkage. We recommend pre-drilling when assembling using your screws and nails. As this will limit splitting the wood during this process.