5 Frame Nuc Beehive

Nucs are now closed for ordering. They will be back open July-August 2024.

***Reminder: Pick up only from our QLD store***


If you are not ordering online:

Please contact us via phone, email or even come in store to get onto the list.

We will require a deposit of $50 minimum to secure your spot.

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Information on this page is subject to change at any time without notice. Conditions for the bees can change at any time, and may prevent us from producing and selling Nucs. We are not responsible for any delays due to poor conditions that are out of our control. We will not tolerate any abuse from customers due to reasons that are beyond our control.


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  • Product Information

    if you are considering bees as a hobby, this is the best way to start.
    A 5 frame Nuc or nucleus hive is a smaller beehive used to start a new bee colony. Consisting of bees in all stages of development. They should have a laying queen, enough worker bees and nurse bees to cover the 5 frames. When placed into a full-sized 8 or 10 frame hive and given optional supplemental feeding, the nuc usually expands quite quickly into a strong colony.
    Bee season in SE QLD starts from August and usually ends in February.
    (This may vary depending on where you are located.)
    During the bee season the best time to get a beehive would be September to November.
    This is because most trees are in flowering and have food available for bees during this time.
    This means they can expand and grow quickly. On average in spring a strong beehive grows and expands every 4 weeks.

  • Directions for use

    We will be having pick ups in Spring-summer 2024.
    (please note this may change at any time without notice)

    Pick up will be here at Beekeeping Supplies Australia on a Friday around sundown (between 5:30pm-6:00pm)
    Pick up TBA in spring time 2024 (September-October)

    If you have placed an order with us we will contact you 7-14 days before they are ready to confirm you are available to pick them up. If you aren’t available, you will be moved to the next available pick up date.

  • Inclusions

    1 x Nuplas Plastic 5 Frame Nuc Box + Lid
    5 x Frames with working Brood
    1 x This years mated queen (Italian and marked)
    To know what colour will be marked on the queen check it out here
    There is $25 deposit fee within the $275 price for the box being supplied.
    You may choose to keep this box or return it to Beekeeping Supplies Australia and receive the $25 deposit back.

  • Other Information

    If you have never bought a bee hive before or not sure how to look after them, please ensure you do your research before going ahead and buying them.
    Bees are not something you can put in the backyard and forget about, they need to be looked after properly.
    We recommend doing research through the NSW Department of Primary Industries or the QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.
    They provide factual information on how to look after a hive properly. You will also need to register your hive(s) with them as well for biosecurity. You can do this via their website.
    As well as checking your council rules to see if you are eligible to own beehives on your property.
    Click here to access the NSW DPI website.
    Or click here to access the QLD DAF website.
    We also sell NSW DPI books in our store. Click here for our range.

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