Animal Straw Bedding 70L


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    Hygienic, soft and sustainably sourced, Rocky Point’s AniStraw is specificially produced to create healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly habitiats for a wide range of pets and animal species. AniStraw has been screened and dust extracted making it a soft, comfortable material for your pets to bed on.

    AniStraw is a fantastic moisture absorber, capable of absorbing four times its weight in water. It is a sustainable product that smells and looks great.

    Try some today and give your four, two and no legged friends the creature comfort they deserve! AniStraw is also ideal to be used on the garden as it will break down naturally in your home compost.

  • Directions for use

    – Remove any spent bedding, and give the area a good clean out from all existing animal bedding product.
    – Apply fresh AniStraw to a depth appropriate to the size of the animal. Small animals like mice may only need a depth of 10-20mm and larger animals like horses may need up to 100mm.
    – Over time as your animal expels waste onto the straw animal bedding, remove the soiled area only and replace with fresh AniStraw.
    – Once the soiled bedding has been removed often and the absorbency has lessened, start the process again with completely fresh bedding.

  • Other Information

    Benefits of Rocky Point AniStraw:

    – All natural, clean & soft
    – High moisture absorption, up to 4x original volume
    – Screened to be free of fines and dust
    – Long lasting fibre from sugar cane leaf
    – Perfect for both big and small pets

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