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This smoker is proudly an Australian made product.


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    Smokers are used to help calm the bees when inspecting a hive.
    It minimises the defensive behaviour within the colony and decreases the risk of being stung.
    Bee smokers are a must in order to be safe when handling bees.

  • Directions for use

    A smoker consists of 3 parts; the baffle (or bellow), the nozzle and the fire chamber.
    Open the nozzle.
    Pack the fuel you are using into the smoker (the fire chamber) tightly.
    Light a bit of your fuel and then pack it in tightly.
    (If you do not pack it tightly the smoker will produce flames out of the nozzle and become very very hot.)
    Flip the nozzle back over to close it and start to press the baffle to puff smoke. This puts oxygen into the fuel to help keep it alight.
    once the smoker has strted producing smoke, it is ready to use.
    Puff a small amount of smoke towards the entrances and vents to let the bees know you are there before opening the hive.
    Once the hive is open, use smoke if needed. Less smoke the better.

    Once finished place the smoker somewhere it isn’t going to become a fire hazard. Such as concrete. Let the smoker go out before packing it away.
    Do not leave the smoker unattended while lit. Do not leave smoker in a place where an ember can light a fire.

    Please also check your state fire department website for local firebans and restrictions.

  • Other Information

    Not sure what to use as smoker fuel?
    We recommend a few hings you can use:
    – Pine needles
    – Sugar cane mulch
    – Hessian
    – Dry cow/horse manure ( please ensure it is dry. If it is damp or wet it will not light)
    – Dry lawn clippings (next time you mow the lawn, let the clippings dry out and put it into a bag for smoker fuel. Please ensure it is dry. If it is damp or wet it will not light)
    – Smoker pellets (We do not sell these but other beekeeping stores do)

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