Cut Comb Cassettes

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  • Product Information

    This product is used to display honey comb to sell.
    this helps create a better display for your customer to see the comb easier.
    Use in a cut comb frame

  • Directions for use

    You will need:
    1 x wax foundation sheet (you may need a couple of sheets if you are not careful and or confident)
    1 x Cut comb frame (fits 500g or 250g cassettes)
    6/12 x Cassettes (6 x 500g cassetes or 12 x 250g cassettes)

    Take cassette apart. (Ther will be 4 pieces altogether) Place the 2 parts that make the cover in a place you’ll remember.
    using the part of the cassette that holds the wax, take apart (into 2) and use this to cut wax carefully into the size of the cassette.
    Put the wax holding part back together. (place 2 parts together)
    Place this into the cut comb frame.
    Repeat process until the frame is full.
    Place into honey super and wait until the frames are full and capped.
    Take the frame out.
    Disassemble the frame to get the cassettes out.
    Place the cassettes into their 2 part cover.
    The cassette is now complete with the comb inside.

  • Inclusions

    The cassette includes a 2 part cover.
    As well as a 2 part wax holder.

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