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Extractor 4 Frame Multi Speed Electric


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    Extractors are used to extract honey from frames. Frames Sit in the basket vertically and spin around in a circle. As a result, the motion makes the honey fly out of the cell and into the bottom of the barrel. From then, the honey drains into a bucket ready to be sieved and packed.

  • Directions for use

    You will need Spanners and a phillip screw driver to put this extractor together.
    Place the extractor on its side to put the legs on.
    Take the 2 bottom bolts off the extractor and then place the legs onto the extractor and screw the bolts back on and make sure to do them up tightly.
    Do this for each leg.
    Once finished, carefully place the extractor upright.

    The honey gate goes into the hole cut out in the stainless steel barrel of the extractor.
    Please make sure when putting the gate on, you screw the part on the inside onto the gate.
    If you do it the opposite way, you will stretch the O-ring and honey will leak.

    You can take the film off the lids and then screw the lids onto the extractor.
    Ensure they are tight enough so you can hear the emergeny stop button click when you open and close the lid.
    Turn the extractor on and keep the lids on, spin the extractor to ensure your lids are tight enough and it runs.
    Your extractor should now be ready to use.

    Before you start uncapping, the honey gate needs to be opened with a bucket underneath it straight away.
    (If the honey gate is closed and honey builds up, when going to spin the honey you will struggle to get it to spin. You will whip the honey in the bottom. Creating a huge mess and risk of breaking your extractor.)
    Once frames are uncapped, place into the extractor.
    Flip the switch to turn the extractor on. Use the dial on the control box and get it ot a reasonable speed. Start slow and then build up speed. Spin the frames for a good 5 minutes
    (each time will be different).
    Stop the extractor, flip the frames around and spin the frames again for another 5 minutes.
    Stop the extractor once more and flip the frame again. Spin the frame this time for 2-5 minutes.
    Your frames should now be empty, ready to go back into the honey super on the hive.

    You cannot leave your extractor unattended.

    If you need to extract 1 – 2 frames instead of 4, place them parrallel from each other in the cage.
    This makes the extractor stable to extract.

    Clean your extractor with hot water around the inside of the barrel.
    Place bag over the top of the extractor with tape securing it to keep insects out when not in use.
    DO NOT USE CHEMICALS OR ANY CLEANING PRODUCT TO CLEAN YOUR EXTRACTOR! (this contaminates your next extraction)
    (There is no need to take your extractor apart. This voids your warranty if something were to go wrong, putting it back together.)

  • Inclusions

    4 Frame Electric Stainless Steel Extractor with Transparent Plexiglass Lid, Honey Gate, Adjustable Legs

  • Other Information

    This Extractor comes with a 12 month warranty.

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