Shock Absorber for Extractor

Available in 4 frame electric and 6, 8, 24 frame radial

4 Frame
4 Frame
6/8 Frame
6/8 Frame
24 Frame
24 Frame
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    Sometimes the gasket (shock absorber) in the extractor breaks, it is there to protect you from getting hurt.
    It can be caused by having too much weight in the machine, the cage getting caught and stopping as well as not installing the gasket correctly if replacing it.
    This is wear and tear maintenance when owning and using an extractor.
    these red gaskets come in 4 frame electric extractor sizes or if you have soemthing bigger we stock them in 8 and 24 frame radial extractors.

  • Directions for use

    *****You do not not need to take the entire top off to do this********
    The less you pull apart, the less troubles you will have later on.
    You will need to remove the old one from the machine.
    Loosen the bolts with a spanner. One on the top and one on the bottom.
    Once the old one has been removed, place the new one inside.
    Line the shaft up so it matches.
    This causes the cage to lift and once weight is put into it, the gasket will break again when you go to use it.
    Push the part that holds the gasket up. Not the entire cage.
    Tighten up the bolts.
    and spin to check everything is working.
    You have now replaced the gasket.

  • Other Information

    If you have purchased an extractor from us within 12 months, you may be entitled to get a replacement gasket for free.
    Enquire with us via phone or email to find out more.
    [email protected]

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