Hive Spring Clip Single


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    Having hives out in the field without any type of locking system can be dangerous.
    If you have animals in the yard that could potentially knock them over, can put you or your animals at risk.
    Or if you need to move your hive in a emergency, it is important to have clips on your hive.
    These clips will provide the perfect security needed in order to keep your hive safe.
    It also prevents your boxes slipping on one another.
    Perfect for plastic or wooden hives.

  • Directions for use

    To attach to box:
    Line clip to top of box and pre-drill holes. (keeping in mind it will interlock with the box or lid above it.)
    Drill screw into side with the loop. Tight enough so the clip can move up and down easily.
    Put 2nd screw where the clip bends so this way it can provide tension.
    Put 3rd screw in line with the first screw where the clip will sit underneath.

    Once screws are in, the clip should be able to interlock and create a secure box with no falling or slipping.

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