Honey Bottling Machine 100 – 1000ml


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    Looking for an easier way to pack honey into jars?
    An automatic honey bottling machine might be the right choice for you!
    Cut your packing time in half by letting the machine do the work for you.
    They are really simple to use and easy to clean.
    They fill anywhere from 100ml to 1000ml (1kg).

  • Directions for use

    We recommend placing the machine on a stand to make it easier for you to take away jars filled with liquid without spillage.
    An air compresser is required to use this machine

    Adjust your wheel to the amount needed.
    Once everything is set up, place honey into the top.
    Place jar underneath the filler and press the button.
    This will fill your bottle up to the desired amount.
    Make sure you weigh the bottle and adjust the wheel accordingly.
    Continue until you are finished packing all the honey.

    Run hot water through the machine.
    Continue until the water runs clear.
    Do not use any chemicals or cleaning products.

    Keep a bag over the top when not in use. This keeps all the pests out of it.
    Unplug when not in use.
    Turn off compresser when not in use.

    Run water into the machine to clean it first before you use it. Everytime.
    Use food grade ccoking spray or spray oil on the machine to ensure it is greased up and stop the seals and o-rings from breaking.
    Always weigh your jars to ensure you are getting your required weight.

  • Inclusions

    Includes an operation manual.
    Made from food grade stainless steel

  • Other Information

    We also sell extra seals and o-rings for this machine.
    Enquire with us to find out more

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