Maxforce Gold Gel 35g Tube


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    Cockroach bait is used to help control the beetle in a hive.
    It is used to kill the beetle as well as attract them to the bait.
    Contains fipronil.
    It provides control of cockroaches when they ingest it.
    This is one of the best insecticides on the market for helping control beetle.
    At Beekeeping Supplies Australia we have been using this gel in our hives for over 15 years and have found it quite successful compared to other brands.

  • Directions for use

    Place the bait into a trap.
    Use only a small amount.
    The most effective place to put your trap is in the hive in the bottom box on the base. (Underneath the frames)
    Check your trap everytime you do a brood inspection.
    Replenish the trap with more bait approximately every 3 months.

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