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Nicot Queen Rearing Kit


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    There are many different ways you can rear queens.
    Using a Nicot Rearing Kit is one way you can do this.
    It allows you to make your own queens without grafting or touching larvae.
    All the pieces in the set are reusable except cell cups.

  • Directions for use

    The queen is confined on a small piece of drawn comb inside the plastic comb box containing removable cell plugs.
    The queen will lay eggs into the cell cups.
    These will be allowed to hatch and the larvae are then transferred to a cell starter and later to a cell finisher and finally to a mating nuclei.

    The kit takes up to 110 cells so the probability that you will get some queens is reasonable.
    Very popular as you don’t have to manually graft the larvae.

  • Inclusions

    1 x Nicot rearing cassette
    110 x Brown cell cups
    10 x Yellow cell cup holders
    10 x Black bar holders
    10 x Hair rolling cages

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