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Nuplas 10 Frame Lifting Cleat Pair

There are 2 different styles in the 10 frame lifting cleats.

Please look at photos carefully and read the description before making a purchase.

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  • Product Information

    Use to make it easier to lift boxes by hand or machine.
    Water drainage features to keep your hive dry.
    Designed with strength durability in mind and is UV stable for 30+ years.

  • Directions for use

    Fits 10 frame only.
    Full depth, WSP, ideal.

    Centre Style Cleats:
    These sit to the centre of the box.
    You are able to use clips with this option.

    Top Style Cleats:
    These sit to the top of the box
    You cannot use clips with this option.

  • Inclusions

    2 x Lifting Cleats
    6 x bolts
    6 x nuts

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