Nuplas Single Hive Set

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    A single hive set is the basic start up needed to have bees. 1 brood bottom box.
    It is important to realise that you should not run your hive in a single hive all during spring. They need more room as they expand and grow. This means for you, you will need another 2 honey boxes for when they have mass honey being produced. It will eventually become a triple hive.
    We run hives in the triple hives as the bottom box is there for your queen and her to lay eggs in and make the hive stronger. The 2 honey supers provide plenty of room when mass of honey is being produced, keeping them busy.
    If you are just starting out, this kit will provide a start for bees to start expanding and growing.

  • Directions for use

    If unassembled: Click together and pre-drill with a 1/8th drill bit before screwing together with screws provided. Attached base to box to make your brood box.

    If Assembled: Put frames and an excluder on, and your bees are ready to be put in.

  • Inclusions

    This set contains:
    1 x  Lid
    1 x  Base
    1 x Box
    1 x Clip pack
    1 x Set of screws

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