Nuplas Full Depth Honey Super

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    A honey super is a box that is placed on top of the brood box for the bees to put honey in.
    Making sure you place the queen excluder between these boxes to ensure the queen doesn’t lay upstairs.
    Generally you have two honey supers per hive. This give a place for the bees to collect and store honey.
    Once the box is full of honey and capped, you take the honey away and extract it. Then placing the box back on to repeat the process.

    On a average year you may get between 60-80KG of honey a year, per hive.
    On a above average year you may get between 100-120Kg a year, per hive.

  • Directions for use

    If unassembled: Click together and pre-drill with a 1/8th drill bit before screwing together with screws provided.

    If Assembled: Put waxed frames inside and place on top of your hive to start collecting honey.

    If using for a brood box: Attached base to box with screws to make it easier to move around in case of emergencies.

  • Inclusions

    All screws are supplied.

  • Other Information

    The ribbed design gives the box added strength, durability and is UV stable for 30+ years.
    The scalloped handles are designed for lifting with a crane or by hand. ID stamping is done with a hot iron or by hand.
    Nuplas plastic hives are also interchangeable with wooden hives.

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