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    Nuplas One-piece Plastic Frame. Contains natural cell size and the outer frame.
    Assembled ready to go, just apply wax.
    Making it the fastest way stay in front of the honey flow.
    These frames use BBM. BBM (Better Beetle Management Technology) Frames allow bees to work the outer frame, drawing cells and capping them.
    This eliminates the space where beetle hide in traditional frames.

    Used in a Ideal box only. It does not fit other sizes.

  • Directions for use

    For best results, roll wax onto the insert with a paint brush/roller.
    Approximately 70g should do the job. Melt down wax and roll onto frame.
    Ensure the bottom of the cells contain wax for a better success rate.
    This will take away the small odour this product might give off, also gives the bees a head start in drawing of the comb.

  • Other Information

    These Fit to any Ideal size super.
    Not sure what we’re talking about?
    Timber Ideal Supers
    Nuplas Plastic Ideal Supers

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