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Nuplas Top Feeder

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    When nectar is in short supply or unavailable, bees draw on the honey stores in their hive.
    You need to frequently monitor the amount of stored honey during these times (especially winter) because when it has all gone the colony will starve.
    We feed bees sugar water to supplement if there is a shortage of honey to prevent starvation in the hive.
    It can also help stimulate and help promote breeding within the hive.
    Feeder sugar water may also be very useful for increasing and boosting the number of field bees foraging for pollen.

    Starvation can be prevented by:
    – Moving bees to an area where plants are yielding nectar
    – Feeding them syrup made with white sugar.
    Bee colonies can be kept alive for long periods by feeding sugar water.

    This top feeder is designed with a strong unique plastic design. They perfectly fit onto the Nuplas hives.
    It is UV stable, meaning the feeder is durable.
    It is white in colour and holds 5L (8 frame) or 7L (10 frame).
    This feeder uses a clear observation panel over the entrance for the bees. Making it easy to see if your bees are using the feed.
    This feeder also contains extra ribbing to help strap down your hive better.

  • Directions for use

    Making sugar water:
    *It is important to understand that WHITE SUGAR is to be used only*

    (Other sugars containing molasses is bad for the bees. Molasses is toxic to bees.)
    You will need:
    – White sugar
    – Water
    – Feeder

    Make enough for immediate use only.
    (Any extra that is not used will ferment and create bacteria that is not good for the bees. If it tastes sour, do not feed to your bees. Clean container throughly.)
    Mix 1:1 (1kg:1 Litre).
    Take 1kg of white sugar and pour it into 1 litre of warm/hot water.
    Mix the sugar until it has disolved and mixed well.
    Wait for the water to then cool down.
    Once cooled, pour into your feeder.
    Place on top of the hive. Lugs are used which helps secure the feeder to the box.
    Make sure the clear plastic entrances are placed on the feeder.
    Pour sugar water inside the feeder.(8 frame holds 5L) (10 frame holds 7L)
    Place the lid back on the hive.
    Check back in 2-4 days to monitor progress of what the bees are taking.
    If they are using most to all of it, fill up accordingly.

    When not in use:
    lock units together to store and wash out.

  • Other Information

    Do not feed your hives honey.
    It is illegal to feed bees honey. Or any wildlife.
    Never place honey in the open or outside the hive.
    This is why we feed sugar water instead.

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