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    Propolis is sticky and usually a brown colour. It consists of plant resins, beeswax and other plant properties.
    Propolis is antimicrobial and bees use this to seal up anything they can including; holes, cracks and even entomb small hive beetle and other insects that enter the hive.
    Beekeepers collect propolis to sell. It is used in creams, lotions, shampoos, soaps, nasal sprays, toothpaste and health supplements.+
    There is also no loss of honey production or pollination when collecting propolis.
    You can collect up to 50-300 grams per hive, per year.

  • Directions for use

    Place on hive, all year round for mass collection.
    Once nearly full or full of propolis, remove mat and rotate with new mat.
    In order to remove propolis from mat, place in freezer the night before.
    This makes the propolis hard and easier to remove.
    Bend or roll the mat and the propolis should dislodge from the mat.

    Store propolis in a clean, dry place away from pests.

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