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Queen Marker Paint Pen

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    Sometimes trying to find the queen bee unmarked can be quite difficult.
    She is way to quick and runs the other direction as soon as she knows you are in the hive.
    It is important to find and spot the queen in your hive as practice.
    When you need to re-queen your hive, this skill will come in handy.
    Using a paint pen to mark your queen will make it easier for you to spot her in the hive.

  • Directions for use

    Shake well before use.
    If it is a first time use, shake well, the press down on a bit of paper or cardboard.
    Keep pressing until the colour comes through at the tip of the pen.
    Once ready, make a small pool of ink on the paper or cardboard.
    Hold the queen down gently, grab a bit of ink out of the pool.
    Gently press against the top of the queens thorax.
    Allow to dry for 30-60 seconds, then place the queen back into the hive.

  • Other Information

    We have 5 different colours to show different years.
    Or simply use a randomn colour and make it your own.

    The guide marking colours each year is in the photos to have a look at.

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