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    A queen bee is the only female who is reproductive in a hive of honey bees. She is also the most important bee in the hive.
    If you find your hive is not performing as it should be or it has become aggressive, it will need to be re-queened.
    Re-queening your hive will prevent swarming and keep the hive more placid.
    Young queens help the colony repopulate as well as they help keep diseases and pests out.
    A good beekeeping practice is to re-queen every year and the best time to get one is around September-October.

  • Directions for use

    How to re-queen your hive:
    Ensure that you find and dispose of the old queen first, before putting the new queen in.
    Our queen bees are provided in a queen cage with queen candy.
    This queen cage is placed in-between two strong frames of brood.
    The bees from the inside of the cage as well as the outside will then chew out and eat the queen candy. Creating a pathway for the queen to get out.
    This takes 3 days. Do not disturb the bees during this process as it will effect acceptance rates.
    After 3 days, go back into your hive. The queen should be out of the cage. If the queen is still in the cage, open it up and let her out manually. Then take the cage away.
    After 7 days the queen should start to lay and resume as normal. Make sure you open up the hive and check to see if she has started laying. If she has started laying she has been accepted into the hive.

    Please note that hives may not always accept new queens. It ultimately depends on the conditions at the time. Don’t let this intimidate you if it happens. All you will need to do is repeat the process again.

  • Inclusions

    We provide Italian Queen Bees that are mated and marked with this years colour.

    To know what colour will be marked on the queen check it out here

    All queen bees are placed into a queen cage with queen candy. As well as 6-8 escort nurse bees to look after her.

  • Other Information

    Pick up will be here at Beekeeping Supplies Australia.
    We currently do not offer postage for our queens.
    Pick up days are from Monday – Saturday during our operating hours.
    We will contact you a few days before to confirm that you are coming to pick them up, as well as confirm that they have arrived.
    If you are unavailable to pick up, you will be moved to the next available pick up instead.

    (This information may change at any time without notice)

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