Stainless Steel Comb Cutter


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    Used to cut comb to make honey comb bits.

  • Directions for use

    Grab your fully capped frame of honey.
    Make sure that any wire is removed from the frame. (you may need to cut the wire and pull it out.)
    Place it onto a clean surface. Somewhere that doesn’t matter if it gets honey on it.
    (for example a tray of some sort that can hold honey if it escapes)
    Grab your comb cutter and gently line up where you are going to cut.
    Press the comb cutter down into the wax and frame and keep pushing down until you have reached the bottom.
    Bring the comb cutter back up and line it up to the next cut and repeat the process.
    With an ideal frame you should get 3 pieces.
    Place pieces into containers and your comb is now ready for sale.

    Clean your comb cutter with hot water to get all the honey and wax off.

  • Inclusions

    Food grade stainless steel.

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