Tie Down Strap Light Weight


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    Having hives out in the field without any type of strapping can be dangerous.
    If you have animals in the yard that could potentially knock them over, can put you or your animals at risk.
    Or if you need to move your hive in a emergency, it is important to have straps on your hive.
    These straps will provide the perfect security needed in order to keep your hive safe.

  • Directions for use

    Place strap around the top and bottom of the hive.
    Then fasten the strap to make it tight.
    Tie off any extra strapping after tightening to secure the strap from falling off as well as to stop you from tripping over.
    Your hive is now secure and will stay together if it was to fall over.

  • Other Information

    Made from polyester webbing designed to last.

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