Uncapping Knife Electric

Made in the USA by Pierce Beekeeping Equipment


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  • Product Information

    This tool is used to extract honey. To do so, it removes the cappings from a frame.
    Therefore allowing you to get the honey out of the frame.
    This knife heats up, making it easier to cut through the comb.
    This helps make the uncapping process quick and easy.
    This knife has a much faster heat response time than most knives on the market.
    The heating element is specifically designed for these knives and are made to provide years of service.

  • Directions for use

    Plug the clean knife into a grounded electrical outlet.
    These Knives are designed for 220-240 volt
    • These knives are equipped with a high wattage heater and within minutes they will
    reach pre-set temperature.
    • Hold the frame by one end, resting the other end on an uncapping tub.
    Uncap by cutting capped cells.
    Remove only a thin layer of capped cells with either an upward or downward motion.
    Do not keep the knife on the comb too long without moving upward or downward.
    It is safest to use a downward uncapping stroke.
    Many people uncap with an downward motion, and let wax fall away from the blade.
    Be very careful to keep your other hand and all other parts of your body out of the path of the knife.
    When done uncapping, unplug the knife.
    Clean warm knife with damp cloth.
    Do not immerse the knife in water.

  • Inclusions

    Blade made from stainless steel
    Knives have built in thermostat to maintain ideal uncapping temperature

  • Other Information

    When using electrical tools, basic safety precautions should be followed including the following:
    The knife gets very hot.
    Do not touch the blade.
    The hot blade can cause a severe burn.
    To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put the cord, plug or knife in water or other liquid.
    Do not operate knife in water or under wet conditions.
    The knife blade is very sharp, so be sure to handle it carefully.
    Always handle the knife with hands away from the cutting edge.
    Keep the knife away from children. It is not intended to be used by children.
    Unplug the cord from the outlet when not in use and before cleaning.
    Do not use the knife if it is damaged or malfunctioning.
    When the knife is hot, keep it away from all body parts.
    Never leave a hot and/or plugged knife unattended.
    Never pry out frames with the knife.
    Avoid hitting or banging the knife against objects and remove anything from the knife.
    Clean your knife before and after each use to avoid burning residue onto the blade.

    If your knife fails within two years of purchase due to any manufacturer’s defects, Pierce Beekeeping Equipment will replace it under their limited warranty provided.
    You can return the knife at your expense to them. Pierce Beekeeping Equipment reserve the right to inspect and verify that the product has not been abused or mistreated.
    Or that the knife has not been tampered with.
    This limited warranty is voided if the product appears to have been used improperly or overheated, immersed in water, or used as a pry tool such as for prying apart frames.
    Please return warranty card as proof of purchase within 30 days, or visit their website, www.piercebeekeeping.com, to register your product online.

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