1000g 304 Stainless Steel Wire


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    The use of wire in our frames is to help build strength and durability when wax is embedded.
    For example:
    Using a frame with no wire and a wax starter strip, the bees will build on it and start to produce honey or brood. But when there are days that are up to 40 degrees, the wax can become quite soft. This can cause the wax to then fall off the frames and ruin the frame completely.

    Wire helps provent this from happening.
    (you will need to embed your wax onto the frame when using wire. We do not reccommended to use wax starter strips)

  • Directions for use

    Use on a wiring board to wire your frames.

    Place frame onto board.
    push the lever to tighen the grip on the frame so it doesn’t move.
    Weave the wire through each eyelet hole.
    Tie off the wire with a tac or staple.

  • Other Information

    Made of 304 Stainless Steel.

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