Bottom Base Cleats Coppered 8 Frame only


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    Bottom base cleats are use to provide extra height to hives.
    Keeping them higher off the ground and away from pests like toads and lizards.
    It also provides support to your base making it easier to lift and move around.
    Also better grip if you are placing hive on a hive stand. This means that it won’t slide around on the stand.

  • Directions for use

    Attach bottom cleats to base board.
    Attach riser set to make an entrance.
    Paint all together with 2 coats.
    Attach completed base to honey super to make a brood box.

    CRITICAL: Timber is treated with copper naphthenate so it is important to paint with oil based paint to seal the treatment and not come in contact with bees. Paint inside and outside with 2-3 coats.

  • Other Information

    Made from NZ Radiata Pine.

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