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Grass Master 25kg


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    Grassmaster’s new formulation using bio-catalyst protected high-analysis nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers to produce excellent results for your lawn, turf, pasture, fairways and resorts. With it’s easy to spread granules, the high level of humic acid in Grassmaster not only stimulates beneficial soil fungi, but also solubilises iron and improves its availability to the roots and leaf delivering you a greener then green lawn.

  • Directions for use

    Lawn Maintenance
    Apply 50-100g of Grassmaster® evenly per square metre of lawn every 3 months and water in well. For larger lawns apply 5-10kg per 100 square metres.

    New Lawns
    Consider an application of Terra Firma’s Lime Impact a couple of weeks before planting. Spread up to 100g per square metre and rake into soil before sowing the seeds, laying turf or planting runners. For large lawns apply up to 10kg per 100 square metres.

    Plants, Fruits and Vegetables
    Fruit Trees: 100-500g, lifting the rate to the higher range if the trees are established.
    Vegetable Beds & Flowers: 75-100g per square metre.
    Plants & Shrubs: 30-50g per shrub. Roses & Shrubs 100g per square metre. Azaleas, Native & Acid Loving Plants 50g per square metre.

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