Plastic Queen Excluder

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    Excluders are what we use to keep the queen bee in the bottom box.
    The queen bee can only lay up to 7 and 1/2 frames of brood at one time.
    This also stops the queen from laying in your honey super and making a complete mess.

    We recommend using the plastic excluders for beekeepers just starting out.
    When learning how to open a box properly, there will be times when you open it incorrectly and may damage the excluder.
    If you were to accidently do this, the queen bee will be able to go upstairs. Which isn’t what you want the queen to do.
    Using the plastic excluders helps you avoid this as they are durable.

  • Directions for use

    Place between the bottom box and the super on top.
    This stays on at all times, unless you are inspecting the hive.
    The queen will now not be able to go into the top box.

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