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Plastic Uncapping System Complete


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  • Product Information

    This system comes complete, ready to use. Food grade plastic.
    Used for uncapping frames as well as used as a filter system to strain the honey.

  • Directions for use

    You may choose to put a filter bag or chux cloth etc into 1 or both of your mesh to ensure fine straining.
    Uncap your frames into the top mesh for the honey and cappings to filter through.
    They honey should reach the base with minimal to no dirt, cappings etc.
    Use the honey gate to drain honey into a bucket.

    Use hot water to clean.
    Do not use any cleaning products or chemicals.
    (This will contaminate your next extraction.)

  • Inclusions

    1 x uncapping base with honey gate
    1 x Uncapping Plastic Lid
    2 x Uncapping plastic mesh

  • Other Information

    Made in Australia

    Parts can be purchased seperately:
    Uncapping Lid
    Uncapping Mesh
    Uncapping Base

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