Queen Marking Tube Black


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    Identifying the queen in a hive is important.
    We mark queens to help make it easier to find her.
    Doing it by hand can be tricky and risks the chance of killing the queen.
    A queen marking tube makes marking the queen bee easy.
    Comes with a sponge to stop you from squishing the queen and easier to mark.
    Comes in a clear plastic so she is easy to see.

  • Directions for use

    Pull the sponge all the way back.
    Catch the queen and place her through the hole.
    Bring the sponge up so she cannot escape.
    Push the sponge to the top very carefully and delicately with the queens thorax facing the mesh.
    Hold the sponge so the queen can no longer move but you aren’t squishing her.
    Using your paint pen, dab paint onto her thorax.
    Let it dry.
    Once she is marked, release her back into the hive.

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