Wax Foundation Sheet Carton WSP


RRP: $1.90 AUD

Cartons contain 5kg of wax foundation

Approximately 94-105 sheets per carton

  • 1 - 9 Cartons $1.90 per sheet
  • 10+ Cartons $1.80 per sheet

All of our wax foundation is 100% Australian beeswax and milled here at Beekeeping Supplies Australia. As a result, we are always looking to purchase pure beeswax from hobbyists or commercial beekeepers. Our foundation sheets are between 51-55 grams per sheet and approximately 18.8 sheets to the kilogram. Please enquire with our staff if you are looking to buy more than 1 carton as we have limited stock.

No wax to trade? NO PROBLEM just pay $1.90 per sheet. If you have wax to trade, just pay for milling of foundation at $0.61 per sheet.