Square Nylon Fine Strainer


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    Designed with a fine mesh material.
    Easy for straining.
    Removes all impurities (wax, dirt, dead bees, bark, etc) from the honey.

  • Directions for use

    There are a couple of uses for this strainer:

    Option 1:
    Hook the strainer into a bucket.
    uncap the frames into the strainer bag.
    All the honey will then strain from the wax and seperate.
    Once all frames are uncapped, squeeze the cappings to get all the honey out of it.
    Take wax out of the strainer and refine it.

    Option 2:
    Cut the hooks off of the bag.
    Place cappings into the bag.
    Place bag into a wax press.
    Press the honey out of the wax.
    Once finished, remove wax from strainer bag and refine the wax.

    Both options will require you to use a hose or a Gerni (pressure washer) to clean.

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