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Equipment Beginner Pack

Our beginner pack has changed slightly

We are temperorarily swapping the regular medium smoker to a Beeco regular smoker due to supply issues.

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    Looking to get into beekeeping but not sure where to start? The best way to get started is by getting your equipment and everything needed in order to get you going. This beginner pack includes all tools you will need to start your beekeeping journey. Including protective gear to help you get less stings and feel more confident out in the field.

  • Directions for use

    3 layer Ventilated suit or jacket:
    Beekeeping suits/jackets are designed to help you get less stings when working with bees. Best worn with gloves and enclosed shoes.

    Normal Beekeeping Gloves:
    Beekeeping gloves made out of sheepskin & calico. These gloves are elbow length. They are designed to help you get less stings when out in the field.

    J type Hive Tool:
    Used to open the hive, lift frames and loosen hive parts. As a result it can also be used to scrape up propolis and wax.

    Bee Brush:
    Used to gently brush the bees off frames or other woodenware. As a result, this makes it easier to inspect the hive or even extract honey. A very handy tool for any beekeeper.

    Beeco Regular Smoker:
    Smokers are used to help calm the bees when inspecting a hive. It minimises the defensive behaviour within the colony and decreases the risk of being stung. Bee smokers are a must in order to be safe when handling bees.

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    If you are looking to change the items you are looking to purchase in this pack, please contact us and we can make these changes for you.

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